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About Us

The Sugar Shack was created in 2017 by Sarah on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Which was inspired by her Daughter who was going through a fight of her life Medically at the time and as a Mum, Sarah flew to be by her daughters side in Sydney packed her up and moved her back home to be close to family. Whilst doing this Sarah’s daughter had a pack of Flaming Hot Cheetos in her procession. Sarah was amazed by the flavour and instantly tried to find where she could buy this amazing product she had fell in love with. Whilst trying to find somewhere to buy the product and finding it a little tricky the wheels started churning and the amazing idea to create this business started 🍭
Want to know more about the new story of the Sugar Shack story since being under new management? Read on!

My name is Donna and I look forward to seeing what this new business adventure brings!
Along with a lot of people we have had to weather Drought and now Covid in our small little country town and we learn to adapt and turn our businesses into something totally different to what they were originally which is what our family has done and below you can read more about our story.

As well as the sugar shack which myself and family have just recently taken over, I also manage our family-owned business Duncan’s which has been up and running since 1972. Duncan’s began as a clothing store in Collarenebri and expanded to Walgett and Lightning Ridge. Along with the new store openings, we have also added giftware, toys, lollies, and a coffee shop to Duncan’s. We now only have the Store in Lightning Ridge and have been looking to expand when this business become available.

So with many messages and phones calls between myself and the previous owners we decided to take on running this amazing lolly business to offer you amazing people the same amazing service that you all have had in the past with some awesome Lollies for everyone to enjoy 🍭🍭🍭

I have a beautiful family with children and grandchildren of my own who are along for the ride and we all can’t wait to deliver you all with amazing products, some you may have already had and some new products we have found that we hope you will love just as much!

Thank you all for your patience while we have been making this transition happen 🍭🍭

We look forward to be up and running with lollies for you all to enjoy very soon 🍭🍬🍭

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