About Us

Want to know more about our story? Read on!
In February 2017 my oldest daughter Jessica was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma at only 24 years of age. I did what any mother would do. I drove down to Sydney where she was living at the time, packed up her life and moved her up to Port Macquarie with me!
Just after she moved up she shared an XXtra Flamin Hot Cheeto with me which she had purchased in Sydney for a ridiculous amount of money. I had never tasted anything like them before.. I was like where can I get my hands on those Cheetos ASAP!? I then got to thinking about all the international sweets and snacks I had tried in my life time and all I could vision was creating my very own 'Sugar Shack'
I went with my thought and began brainstorming ideas, trying to find some suppliers who could import these delicious goodies. I read about opening my own business and had a talk with Jess who was so excited to put her mind on a goal and keep her busy through her chemotherapy and recovery
I spent night after night putting hours of research into finding wholesalers and learn the basics of running a business. I eventually did find what I was looking for and spent a whole heap of $$$$ buying up.
Believe me when I say we have come along way!! I sometimes thought what have we done!? We have made plenty of mistakes since 2017 however we now have such a great knowledge and always strive to be better!
We took it day by day and were not sure what way this was going to go for our beautiful girl Jessica. Jess is now in remission and is doing really, really well. She has now moved out but lives close by.
My younger Daughter Amelia, partner Dylan and my granddaughters Savannah, Mikaela and Aaliyah also relocated from Sydney to live with us and have continued to assist with the running of the Shack!
My Mum Maryanne is a huge part of our business. She is always keen to come down and package our lollies! Xavier our 7 year old son Xavier is self appointed taste tester (hehe)
They all do a fabulous job!!!
We love what we do here, we are enjoying putting everything we earn right back into our shack and just watch it grow and grow. We have some big dreams over here for our business! All we want to do is be BETTER!
Thanks to all our lovely customers for your ongoing support. We couldn't do it with out you!
<3 Sarah Robinson xxxx